2018 Cutaneous Biology

A/Prof Yeesim Khew-Goodall

Yeesim Khew-Goodall heads the Cell Signalling Laboratory at the Centre for Cancer Biology in Adelaide, an Alliance of SA Pathology and the University of South Australia. Her group’s research interests lie in the understanding of the mechanisms of cancer progression.  Their recent work have focussed on understanding protein trafficking and how this can impact on cancer metastasis through alterations to the plasma membrane proteome and the secretome. Central to this, is their interest in how the tyrosine phosphatase PTPN14 (also known as Pez) and its associated phosphorylation network controls protein trafficking and cancer progression. Her laboratory is also interested in understanding the mechanisms regulating epithelial-mesenchymal transition, a process important in cell migration and invasion. Her group developed a cell-based model to study epithelial-mesenchymal transition, which led to a highly-cited joint publication with Prof. Greg Goodall in Nature Cell Biology reporting the role of the miR-200 family of microRNAs in epithelial maintenance. Yeesim obtained her PhD from the University of Adelaide, followed by post-doctoral fellowships at the Roche Institute of Molecular Biology in the USA and at the Friedrich Miescher Institute, Switzerland before returning to Adelaide to establish her group.

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