2018 Cutaneous Biology

Conference Awards

Cutaneous Biology 2018 Travel Awards

AWTRS Conference Awards: These awards will cover your registration for the conference and are available to ECRs who are also members of the AWTRS. For details click here  and look out for the AWTRS e-blasts for more details.

MEPSA Student Travel Awards: These awards will cover part of your travel to the conference and are available to students outside of Brisbane who are also members of MEPSA. For details, please contact the MEPSA secretary.

The Australian Academy of Science Theo Murphy Initiative Travel Bursaries: These awards are dedicated towards helping with your travel expenses (they cannot be used for registration) and are open to members of the AWTRS, MEPSA and ASDR as well as those who are not society members. For more information and to apply please click here. Applications close 12 August 2018

Note, if you are a AWTRS or MEPSA ECR member you will be eligible for both the respective AWTRS and MEPSA conference awards and the Theo Murphy Initiative Cutaneous Biology 2018 bursaries (used for travel expenses only).

To Become a Society Member

AWTRS: http://www.awtrs.smalltalkevents.com.au/Membership/JoinNow
MEPSA: https://www.mepsa.org/?page_id=78
ASDR: http://asdr.org.au/

Cutaneous Biology 2018 Poster and Oral Presentation Awards

AWTRS Presentation Awards: AWTRS will award the AWTRS Young Investigator of the Year Award at the conference and will also offer poster and oral presentation prizes at the conference. More details of the Young Investigator of the Year Award will be found on the AWTRS website and in the AWTRS e-blasts once the round opens.

MEPSA Presentation Awards: MEPSA offers 3 types of awards to member research students and investigators in the early stages of their careers who present at its Annual Scientific Meeting. For further details please visit our website

ASDR Presentation Awards: ASDR has awards for best poster and best oral presentations for both students and ECRs (which includes postdocs) at the conference.


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